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    AndChat is a free, multiserver, IRC app for the Android platform. It originally started off as a project for uni but is now something I continue to work on in my free time.

    What is AndChat?
    It's an IRC client for Androidâ„¢.

    Why are you writing it?
    Because I use irc often and I like to be able to connect to networks I use while on the move or away from my pc/laptop.

    Is it free?

    Free? srsly?
    Yes, a donate version is also available.

    Is it open-source?

    So what features does it have?

    • SASL Support
    • Chat logging
    • Multi-Server support
    • Multi-Charset support
    • UTF-8 Detection
    • Colours (Not mIRC colours, coloured text)
    • Input history/scrollback
    • Timestamps
    • Multi-nickname highlighting
    • Customizable notifications
    • SSL Support
    • User list
    • Encryption to protect access to password protected Servers
    • Works with Irssi proxy, ZNC, Bip, psyBNC, Miau and sBNC (if it works for you with another bnc, lemme know)
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    mantab pasang dah bisa login2 pas lg di hutan *kalo sinyal memungkinkan*